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Anne Garrison  Maypole Dancing teacher


If you don’t have a maypole, Anne can bring one.

Modern maypoles can be packed away when not in use and also fit in the car.  So if you don’t have one, Anne can bring her own.

If you want to buy a maypole, Anne can point you in the right direction.  (Price currently £461.59 + VAT).

The advantage of buying a maypole  is that although costs are higher in the first year, the school is purchasing a resource, often from a separate budget (or Trustees or PTAs etc), which can be used not only in future years but also throughout the year as a cross curricular teaching.

How much does it cost?

Sessions  during the school day using recorded music starts from around £325 + travel.  If your budget allows live music can be provided.  A teachers session on the same day can be also be added.  Half day or shorter sessions can also be arranged, contact Anne with your requirements and she will give you a detailed estimate in line with your requirements.

Indoors or outdoors?

Dancing outdoors looks very pretty but I prefer to teach introductory sessions  indoors even if the final performance is outdoors.

Some of the reasons are

I am willing to work outdoors on the understanding that teaching may be reduced by the above factors.

It is also important to ensure that power (and where possible a suitably loud sound system) is available.


Traditional maypole dancing isn't really practical for children aged under 7 unless they are in a group with older children or adults.  

Anne can offer shorter, simple sessions for young children (including nursery) to enable them to experience dancing round the maypole.


Anne can suggest suitable recorded music or can provide music notation, live music is always better.

Space Requirements

Indoors a dancing area of 7 metres diameter (about 25 feet) is needed,  the height required is 3.65 metres (about 12 feet) for a standard maypole. When assessing the height of the room please take into account any hanging light fittings as well as the height of the ceiling.

I also have shorter pole lengths - minimum ceiling height 2.5m.


Anne holds Public Liability Insurance to £1m.


Area Covered


South Buckinghamshire



West Surrey


I am happy to travel further afield  - even if an overnight stay is required, I have taught in Yorkshire, Norfolk, Bristol and Warwickshire.

If you are outside this area, contact me anyway because I may be able to pass your details on to someone who lives closer than I do.

Maypole Dancing Instruction Manual

Mike Ruff has recently published a new instruction manual with excellent cd.

In full colour with history and background information and easy to follow instructions.

Click here for more information and to order